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We’re delighted to be launching our Entrepreneur Match-Funded initiative, allowing any successful UK applicant to study for an enterprise degree whilst building a business for half the fee.

According to YouGov and University of Buckingham research, a large proportion of Gen Z (18 – 25 year olds) are concerned about starting their own business because of the potential consequences of Brexit, the political landscape and international trade matters.

The lack of relevant education also appears be a major problem, with only 25% of Gen Z in the UK receiving any education, career advice or extracurricular activities relating to entrepreneurialism.

Adam McGill, entrepreneur and founder of Fizz Group, experienced first-hand this lack of educational support…

“I got that entrepreneurial instinct when I started my business at 15 years old and still in school. When I spoke to my teacher about my ambitions, I was told I was stupid.

“Our education system needs to encourage and support interest in entrepreneurialism among young people. While starting a business might be riskier than becoming a doctor, we need to celebrate and encourage a healthy amount of risk that can pay off in dividends for young people, and the country as a whole. Despite being told by teachers to pursue the standard academic route, I knew that my decision to become an entrepreneur and support my family was the right one.

“I believe passionately in improving access to entrepreneurialism for all young people and this is why I decided to become a donor to the University of Buckingham matched funding scheme.” 

Adam is leading a group of Entrepreneurs who understand the challenges and are determined to give young people the opportunity to get the support and education that they didn’t.

His support will be to match fund the 2020/21 BSc Business Enterprise degree course, allowing any successful UK applicant to study for half the fee.

For more information and to apply for your match funded BSc Business Enterprise 2020/21 place click below:

  • This match-funding will only apply to students applying for the Business Enterprise programme in September 2020.
  • This opportunity is only available to UK applicants to the programme.
  • Applications can come directly to the University or via UCAS.
  • The first round of successful candidates will be informed before March 31st 2020

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